212 founders academy : CDG Invest launches an academy for entrepreneurs

CDG Invest, the investment arm of the Caisse de dépôt et de gestion (CDG) group, is launching the 212 Founders Academy, an online training course to help startups succeed. Accompanying the 212 Founders program, the academy aims to enable as many people as possible to acquire the key concepts and tools of the startup world to enable Moroccan entrepreneurs to structure their projects according to the best international standards. At the end of the course, entrepreneurs will have all the fundamental elements to successfully present their project to an investor. The best projects will have the opportunity to meet the 212 Founders program teams in order to participate in the next selections.

212 Founders Academy is for ambitious startup founders with a high-potential project idea who want to learn the best practices of entrepreneurship. The training is free, open to all and is aimed at startup project holders, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs and students, both in Morocco and internationally. “212 Founders Academy offers a free training course to high-potential project holders in order to prepare them to present and defend their ideas to investors.

It implements a process of sharing knowledge and expertise with seasoned entrepreneurs, at the end of which the candidates learn to adopt the right entrepreneurial reflexes and to validate and test their project idea. Following this course, the best startups can be integrated into the selection of the 212 Founders program,” says Youssef Mamou, director of the 212 Founders program. The training includes 10 modules and covers 32 different topics. On the 212 Founders Academy platform, registrants also have access to 28 course videos and can benefit from no less than 12 feedbacks from renowned Moroccan entrepreneurs.

The academy also offers more than 70 tools and resources and more than 40 quizzes and exercises available to any candidate wishing to embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship. 212 Founders is an investment and support program for startups. It was launched by CDG Invest in September 2019 with the objective of participating in the creation and growth of startups in Morocco.

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