Fipar-Holding is a subsidiary of CDG Invest, the investment arm of the CDG Group. Acquired by CDG in September 2003, Fipar-Holding has become a long-term investment fund, investing as a minority partner in large companies and large-scale projects in Morocco. It was acquired by CDG Invest in 2019, as part of the new CDG Group strategy. Under CDG Invest’s management, it has adjusted its strategy to invest in non-cyclical sectors with regular returns and a well-managed risk profile.

Fipar-Holding now positions itself as a benchmark investor with significant holdings in the infrastructure, manufacturing and services sectors.

Fipar-Holding’s role is to actively help Moroccan private and public groups to become key players in Morocco and internationally. It also strives to help international groups to successfully set up and/or expand in Morocco and the region, drawing on its good knowledge of the local market and local partners, its contact network and its proven experience in deal structuring and financing.

Fipar-Holding aims to be long-term partner to the companies in which it invests, providing them with dynamic, pragmatic and constructive support.

Fipar-Holding portfolio

5,3 MD MAD Investis
Taille du fonds 6 400 MDH
Ticket d’investissement minimal 100 MDH


Fipar-Holding acts as a generalist investment fund with a medium- to long-term investment horizon. It invests in large companies or projects as an active minority partner. Fipar-Holding primarily targets projects with a well-managed risk profile and the potential to provide a regular earnings stream.

Fipar-Holding aims to support large companies and/or the development of large-scale projects, looking for investments that have good-quality management and a satisfactory organisation, and which share our values of Excellence, Citizenship and Responsibility. Fipar-Holding regularly identifies sectors with potential for high growth and value creation. Under its development strategy, Fipar-Holding targets infrastructure (airport, energy, water, etc.), manufacturing (agro-industry, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc.) and services (health, education, logistics, etc.).

Fipar-Holding favours minority investments of at least MAD 100 million in mature or growing companies, investing in both equity and quasi-equity capital. The fund may also invest in preliminary studies or projects at the creation stage, if the investments concerned have a well-managed risk profile and high potential/impact (concessions, PPPs etc.).

Fipar-Holding is a medium- to long-term investor. As a closed-end proprietary fund with no external investors, it invests its own funds and is not bound by a predefined investment period.

Fipar-Holding invests mainly in unlisted companies, but does not rule out the option of investing in listed companies where they have strategic development projects with a wider structural effect.

Fipar-Holding strategy

Fipar-Holding targets the support of companies and/or the development of projects of significant size.

Positioning itself as a generalist investment vehicle, Fipar-Holding regularly identifies sectors with strong development and value creation potential that it targets as a priority in its development strategy.

However, Fipar-Holding does not exclude the possibility of seizing any wealth-creating investment opportunity, with the exception of the banking / insurance, real estate and tourism sectors.